Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hike 2 - Lake Serene

And we continued our journey to summit Mount Rainer.... by challenging ourselves each week to explore amazing hikes around Seattle.

Hike# 2 - On Feb 22nd 2015. We went to Lake Serene. This was my first hike as part of the training series. I did miss the first one. Anubhav was doing his second hike.

Everyone said this hike to be easier than Old Si. I must admit, I found it quite challenging. That's why we were training so much in advance. The body needs all kinds of conditioning to get accustomed to pain and soreness that comes with each hike.

It was all worth it.

Pictures from Lake Serene

That's beautiful lake serene -

Saurabh was both smug and happy at getting to the top as is obvious here!

Me and Naz both had a lot of fun on the hike although Naz was almost sprinting most of the way and I was trying to catch up.

And he was there at the top and wanted to join us for this picture. Well you know great times!